School says it will fine parents if they are late to pick up children

A school has sent parents a message saying they will be fined if they are late to pick up their children. Parents will be fined £5 for every 30 minutes they are late.

The message has been sent by Woodbank Primary School in Bury. One dad told the MEN : “We got a message from school advising us of a £5 charge if you’re late collecting your child from school. We also get told that the parents of kids going on holiday out of summer holidays will receive a fine.

You are reading: School says it will fine parents if they are late to pick up children

The letter sent to parents at Woodbank Primary School, warning they could be fined for picking their children up late

The letter sent to parents (Image: Woodbank Primary School)

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“Now we’ve had a message telling us that the teachers could be going on strike on four different occasions so school will be closed – again disrupting the education.”

He added: “We get fined for being late or going on holiday because it disrupts education, but it’s OK for them to go on strike when it suits. I’ll be sending a fine to the school for disrupting my child’s education during the strike days.”

The newsletter sent to parents earlier this month states: “Please pick up your child promptly at the end of the day. If you do not you could incur a charge of £5 per half an hour.”

After stating the finish times, it adds: “Children being picked up late impacts on staff being late to meetings, the running of clubs and it also causes distress to the child.”

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Headteacher Kelly Macadam said: “It is very important that parents and carers pick up their children on time at the end of the school day. Children not collected on time often get upset and distressed if they do not know where their parent is. Also, staff members have to attend meetings, lead extra-curricular clubs or have work to complete, and sometimes have to leave school on time for their own childcare arrangements.

“We always make allowances for exceptional circumstances such as an emergency or being stuck in traffic, and we provide a ‘before and after school’ club which parents can use if they are going to be late.

“We would only consider charging parents who are persistently and repeatedly late. To date, no parent has been charged.”

She added: “If any parent has any concerns about school policy, I would urge them to contact me directly.”

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