I’m told to ‘dress my age’ because I’m a mom in my 30s – but I won’t stop wearing bralettes out

SOME have said being a mother means toning it down, dressing conservatively, and letting yourself go. One woman defied the outdated expectations of motherhood and she’s unapologetic about it. Cindy Zar is a mother-of-three in her 30sCredit: TikTok/c1ndylu504 Cindy Zar is a digital content creator and mother-of-three in her 30s. She took to TikTok to … Read more

Parents give daughter a normal sounding name – but it’s very unfortunate when you combine it with her last name

THESE parents gave their baby a name that normally, no one would bat an eye at. Until you combine it with their last name. Parents give their baby girl an unfortunate nameCredit: Getty – Contributor An acquaintance of the new parents posted embroidered clothes for a newborn girl, on Reddit. The anonymous Reddit user @InTheDark1004 … Read more

I have big boobs & can finally do the corset trend with my Asos buy – you don’t even need to wear a bra, just size down

WHILE small-chested women deal with tops fitting too loose, big-chested women have to navigate spillage problems. Although corsets may seem like a top to stay away from, one woman with big boobs shares the perfect Asos option that she doesn’t even need to wear a bra with. One fashion fan reveals the perfect corset for … Read more

I’m a proud plus-sized stylist – I hate wearing shapewear like Kim Kardashian’s Skims, it plays on women’s insecurities

THE tight-fitting feature of shapewear has been designed to contour and confine our bodies to look and fit different under clothes, but is that what we want or what we’re made to think we need? Though brands like Skims continue to receive a high demand for their shapewear, plus-sized stylist Kat Eves argued the appeal … Read more

I’m a flight attendant – this is what we’re doing behind the galley curtain and why we don’t want you to see

FLIGHT attendants have revealed exactly what it is they’re doing behind the galley curtains during flights, away from the eyes of passengers. The in-flight cabin crew rarely get any moments of privacy after take off, with the needs of the people on board the plane taking priority. Cabin crew members say they want to have … Read more

Woman raves about a dresser she picked up in the Argos Clearance & it cost almost £100 less than the real retail price

A WOMAN was stunned to see just how much she saved after bagging a stunning dresser from Argos Clearance. Looking to give her home a mini transformation, Chantal Derrick, from Redcar, decided to pop into her local Argos Clearance store. The happy shopper shared the amazing discovery on TikTokCredit: tiktok/@channyderrick The same dresser, which she … Read more

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